Australia Holidays

Holiday in Australia can be extremely fun especially if you like tennis. Australian Open, which is held in famous Melbourne Park, attracts many tourists all around the World every year. Some of them use just this opportunity to travel distance Australia and see this fantastic country.

Beside tennis Australia’s most famous trademarks are kangaroos and Aborigines, people who habitat these areas from ancient times. But most of all Australia is country of sun, big waves and smiled people. Between Sydney, place famous for it’s opera house and it’s traditional new year’s firework, and Perth one of biggest metropolitan areas in Australia, lies whole area of inhabited space. Beside Africa, Australia is second most inhabited continent.

The great Coral Reef, biggest in the World, is one of main reasons why you should spend your holidays here. Amazing underwater world shows what happen when nature interfere. This place is one of most important sources of food for many fish species and it’s ecosystem is vital for whole ocean in general.

If you are surfer Australia is perfect for you. Gold coast with it’s long sand beach provide perfect conditions for every surfer.

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