Asia Holidays

<Asian HolidayAsian holidays are specific in many ways. Some of most desirable touristic destinations are located right here. Thailand, Borneo, Bali, Bora Bora are just some of locations you often see in travel magazines.

But not just islands and tropical beaches with white sand. Beautiful cities like Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong will leave you breathless with their high skyscrapers, modern architecture and amazing night life.

Different Asian cultures are also interesting. Starting from most populated country in the World, China, where every part of country is story for it self, over amazing India and Himalayas where are highest peaks on Earth.

Then Russia home of World culture and Moscow one of the most beautiful cities around the Globe. Opportunities are endless.

To write about holidays in Asia it would take probably ages, but the fact that biggest continent with its 48 countries, has so much to offer, is just partially true. The real true is that is it hard to have any clue from where to start.

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