America Holidays

If you are thinking about spending your holidays in America then don’t hesitate. Starting from Canada and USA, one of the leading economic countries in the World, over Mexico and Costa Rica, all the way to Brazil and Argentina, with it’s beautiful Patagonia, America itself is interesting mixture of different people and cultures.

North America is for people who want to explore big cities and some of Worlds most popular national parks. New York is probably most popular City in USA. There are just too many movies and TV show where this city is mentioned. Than Los Angeles, famous road 66, San Francisco, Las Vegas you name it.

But beside fast foods and huge commercial campaigns, Coca Cola and Mustang, USA has some great touristic attractions in National Parks like Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, Niagara Falls on the border with Canada, and Ski centers like Rocky Mountains and Vail.

Middle and South America are quite different than North. People are more live and there are much bigger odds you will experience real adventure. Cultural heritage from ancient people Maya, Machu Picchu is probably most wanted touristic destination. But Rio in Brazil with it’s famous carnival, Buenos Aires with it’s tango and beef stakes and Santiago in Chile, one of the cleanest cities in South America are amazing places.

South America is famous for its great vine lately. Some of the best vines from new World, how they are called, come from Argentina and Chile.

Besides the holidays in America, we also offers safaris to Africa like the popular gorilla safaris. Mountain gorillas are found in only three countries in the world that is Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable Forests, Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park and Democratic Republic of Congo in Virunga Forests and are regarded as the most endangered species.

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