Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania

Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater are located in north east part of Tanzania, near the border with Kenya. This beautiful National Park is know as one of the largest Savannah area. For Safari lovers best time to come is in period from May to December. In that period over 500.000 gazelles in searching for food are migrating to south, all time followed with predators like hyenas and lions.


Ngorongoro Safari
Ngorongoro crater has largest caldera on the World. One of the interesting fact are special lakes which maintain water during the whole year, making this area unique ecosystem. This is also home of the Big Five. In other words home of elephants, lions, rynos, leopards and buffalo’s.

Ngorogoro Tour
This place is ideal for photographic safari. In this National park you can find one of the most important archeological sites of today. It is canyon Olduva-Gorge. Remains of ancient people so called Homo Habilis we’re found here.

In the same area, Ngorongoro safari can be extended to other beautiful parks around mainly Serengeti National park. This is Tanzania’s most famous park for the Great Wildebeests Migration. A game drive through serengeti offers an experience for life time in Africa. Other areas of interest include Olduvai gorge, Lake Manyara national park, etc.

While on your wildlife safari in Tanzania to Ngorongoro and other areas,don’t ever miss the memorable and life time adventure experience of tracking the mountain gorillas in Rwanda! Note that, this is a critically endangered specie of Apes, with only 880 individuals left in the whole world (Gorilla Census 2011). The only world’s last remaining population of mountain gorillas is inhabited in the Virunga chain of mountain ranges, shared between Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. Uganda has the largest population of 440, which is half of it. The other population is shared between Rwanda and Congo. At least a 3 day gorilla safari Rwanda can be enough to explore the great Virunga Volcanoes National park. There are daily flights connecting Tanzania to Rwanda, from Kilimanjaro Airport to Kigali / Kanombe Airport in Rwanda. You must posses a gorilla permit to see gorillas in the wild and this costs USD750 each in Rwanda, USD600 each in Uganda and USd400 each in Congo.

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