Kruger Park South Africa

Kruger National Park is one of the largest on the World. It offers an incomparable experience of the Big Five and many other African species. If you ever dreamed to try photographic safari or bushwalking, then this magnificent park is place for you.

Kruger Park has eight great rivers and over 300 hundred species of wooden plants. It is the oldest and most beautiful park in Africa. During the end of 20th century, this area was captured with so called ‘Golden fever’. People came here in search for gold. But they also started hunting, so number of killed wild animals was increasing rapidly. In order to stop that, president Pol Kruger suggested a plan in which certain area would be named as reservation of nature. After resistance from many, and huge strugle the suggestion was accepted. Today Kruger Park represents live memorial of Pol Kruger.

Kruger Park Lodging

This renowned National Park offers different types of accommodation. Self catering cottages are specialy interesting for people who are searching rare intimacy with the wilderness.Yet, for those who are serching for something more, luxury lodgings with lounge and dining area, bathrooms and glass walled shower overlooking the beautiful nature are truly amazing experience.

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