Holiday destinations are all around the Globe. But how to pick the right one? Best way is to do good research before you decide for some destination.

Check different sources like established travel magazines and internet sites. Another option is to pick some destination based on advice you got from your friend and his experience. And the third way is just to take a map, point a finger on some destination, and like real adventurous grab a first plane.

Bottom line is that thanks to modern ways of transportation, like airplanes and fast trains, destinations were never closer. For not more than ten hours you can practically be anywhere you wish. It is just choice of personal taste and your sense for adventure.

Many destinations today recognize tourism as a main source of income, so they invest a lot of funds in making new resorts, hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers.

This just makes your choice harder. Because, beside places which are known for ages, and which you always wanted to visit, every year there are new destinations which with lower prices and attractive offers gives you chance to try something new.

For most desirable destinations beside tropical islands and Mediterranean, we can also list major cities, great mountains and African safaris.

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