St Lucia Resorts

If you are looking for perfect place where to stay in St Lucia Island, than St Lucia all inclusive resorts are right choice for you.

These beautiful beach resorts have everything you need to make your holiday into unforgettable experience. For those who are looking something different, there is always a sandy cove or a country village where you can leave the crowd behind.

As for some interesting highlights we would recommend a shower beneath the cascades of Diamond falls, where Louis XVI built bathhouses for the French garrison troops. The colorful murals and gingerbread trim of the marketplace at Soufriere, the oldest town in St Lucia, founded by the French in 1746, and Morne Fortune Castries, fortress from 17th century, that was key strategic point in wars of colonial possession.

St Lucia Island

St Lucia is wonderful island. During the whole year you have opportunity walk through Latille Gardens, hidden treasure of tropical fruits, flowers, trees and waterfalls. Or you can dance on the street, to soca and reggae on Friday nights at the fishing village of Gros islet. In any case every inch of St Lucia tells a lovely story.

One of the most dramatically beautiful islands, St Lucia is a mix of French and British influences, completely subsumed into a distinct West Indian culture, unique among the islands. It’s working country where tourism is just one of several industries.

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