Kerio Valley National Reserve

Established in 1983, Kerio Valley National Reserve is situated within the Kerio Valley, Kenya a branch of the Mighty Rift Valley. It covers an area of about 66 square kilometers and it is run by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). The Kerio Valley is situated between the stunning Cherangani and Elgeyo hills. The Elgeyo escarpment stands at altitude of about 1830 meters and the valley at 1200 meters. It features mostly the semi tropical vegetation on the slopes while the floor of the valley consists of dry thorn bush. Kerio Valley in Kenya is situated in Iten, about 30 kilometers away from Eldoret town about six hours’ drive from Nairobi. This valley is 80 kilometers wide and 10 kilometers wide at its broadest. Kerio Valley National Reserve is located in west of the crocodile infested Kerio River in Kenya. It features variety of bird species and amazing sceneries. Its establishment led to increase in the number of wildlife species especially elephants, leopards, buffaloes, bush bucks, lion, rhinos, waterbucks, warthogs and many more. The best time of the year is from July to August when the area is dry and temperatures are not that much.

Kerio Valley National Reserve is a natural wonder of its own and most visitors who pay a visit to the Great Rift Valley find themselves in exploring this area. It provides remarkable views of the Kerio Valley. While on safari to this reserve, you will also have opportunity to catch the view of the Torok Falls and Chebloch gorge. Visitors also have a chance to experience the elephant migration through the Rimoi Reserve. For a few of you who will be lucky and keen enough, you will be amazed by this lifetime experience. There is a museum next to Kerio Valley National Reserve in Eldoret which refuges most of the artifacts and other cultural exhibits. This museum in Eldoret is situated on the steep drop from where you can easily view the mighty rift valley and Lake Baringo. This reserve is credited for its incredible landscape and culture.

How to get to Kerio Valley National Reserve

There is a nearby airport at Eldoret which connects up to Nairobi. The other alternative is by using bus from Nairobi where you will spend about 4 hours to Eldoret. From Eldoret you can get a taxi for to drive off for yet another 50 kilometers.

Best time to visit Kerio Valley National Reserve

Like most protected areas, Kerio Valley National Reserve is an all year round safari destination. However, this reserve can be visited from December to February. During this period, most parts of the reserve remain dry making it an ideal season for visitors to engage in most of the safaris.

Where to stay in Kerio Valley National Reserve

The perfect areas for your stay at Kerio Valley National Reserve include the Kerio View Hotel however; you are encouraged to make your booking as early as possible at least from January or February. There are basic accommodation options around Iten one of which includes the high altitude training center. Other accommodation options include Sega Safari Lodge. This lodge is located within the depths of the mighty rift valley about 320 kilometers from Nairobi in the beautiful Kerio Valley, just next to Rimoi Game Reserve and 32 kilometers from Kabarnet and 76 kilometers along Eldoret-Nyaru road through Fluor spar. It provides the most tranquil atmosphere for a few of you who wish to get out of the noisy urban centers.

Lastly, Kerio Valley National Reserve is equally an amazing safari destination in Kenya that shouldn’t miss out in your bucket list. It is famous for its birdlife, cultural experiences and mammal species.

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