I love Uganda Gorilla Trekking and Wildlife Safari

Uganda gorilla trekking

Uganda gorilla trekking

I have been to a number of safaris in Africa, however the Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda are probably the best ones that I have ever been to. They are so exceptionally wild and it is nice to have the ability to spot the gorillas! I hate those safaris that didn’t offer any tour guides. Those are rather boring and daunting to look into. I know what I like, and its safaris with animals.

Otherwise, what is the point!? I realize that there are many people these days that are willing to really pay for this sort of experience, but to me, these things are rather inexpensive. They are something you’re going to take with you for the rest of your life too. You can’t forget what you see here. It’s simply something that should be experience and not explained. Words can’t portray what I felt during my little trip. It was almost unreal, yet you realized that the gorillas were right there.

You Have the Mountain Gorillas in Their Natural Environment

I have been abroad more then once and until this last safari I have to say seeing the world was exceptionally over rated. Europe was crowded and faintly hostile and everything there was so dirty and unkempt. Asia was considerably more crowded and rude and as for Australia, well we learned that everything in the country is either harmful or large enough to eat you.

So when my husband suggested that for our next trip abroad we attempt one of the Uganda Gorilla Trekking safaris I wasn’t too certain. Well I am happy to say the safari put my feelings of trepidation to rest. The people were so wonderfully friendly it was like we were there as guests. The scenery was totally lovely, the kind of scenery you think you’ll only see in movies. Furthermore the wildlife, my goodness, until you have seen Gorillas in the wild you really haven’t seen them. It was the best vacation we’ve ever had.

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