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Galapagos Islands Vacation
Galapagos Island Vacations and the Wet and Dry landings is adventure which you must try. One of the most mysterious island on the world is the last preserved animal haven on Earth. With all this differentness present, no tourist could stay indifferent on that magical place. Lonely Island Galapagos is located near coast of Chile and it is destination for real lovers of nature.

Tips during your Galapagos Islands vacation regarding wet and dry landings and what does this mean. What to expect and how to prepare for this landings on Galapagos beaches.

The philosophy behind the expedition concept in some Travel companies implies to visit destinations with little human presence, or at least with few man-made facilities. This is the reason why some islands are impossible to visit due to their rugged geography.

In the Galapagos Islands there are some places where the only way to visit them is by adding a small dock (made out of rocks and cement) and a few steps. This is how the Galapagos expedition starts on any given island.

So a good advice on your next Galapagos Islands vacation is to ask in advance if it is going to be a dry or wet landing! so you can prepare accordingly

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