Continued Growth Sees Excellent Five Months for Tourism

tourism new zealand(1)Tourism New Zealand says another trend in guest arrivals is currently obvious, with total yearly international arrival figures released today in development for the first time since the Rugby World Cup 2011.

International guest entries are up 0.5% year-on-year and 8.7% for the month – making it the most highest ever come about for a May month. The increment in arrivals translates to an additional 224,480 stay days for the month.

Justin Watson, Tourism New Zealand’s acting Chief Executive says; “When we take a gander at the first five months of 2013 we see a significant upwards shift in arrivals – with total landings up 5.8% against the same period a year ago and holiday entries up 9.4%.”

The solid landings seen throughout summer and autumn continue to be administered with all the tourism sector’s center markets in development. For the month of May Australia, the source of 45% of New Zealand’s entries, is up by an exceptionally solid 12.3%. Tourism New Zealand’s other top five markets are additionally all in development: China (30.2%), Japan (8.6%), UK (0.3%), Germany (7.1%) and the USA (6.0%).

Justin notes that the outcomes are especially supporting for the long-haul western markets, which have been struggling for quite a while, and helps the positive effect seen from the investment in marketing New Zealand’s association with the Hobbit trilogy.

“A month ago International Visitor review indicated that 8.5% of all international guests surveyed between January and March said The Hobbit was a factor in animating their interest in New Zealand as a destination.

“With proceeded development through May from nexus target markets for the campaign, for example the USA, it is clear the 100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand campaign is attaining its objectives – giving the extra reason and motivation to change interest in a vacation to New Zealand into a true booking.”

Furthermore the picture looks positive as the sector heads into the winter time of year.

“With the record snow levels seen a week ago over the nation it would appear that we are well placed for a sterling winter season for ski resorts and the wider industry.”

From 1 July, Tourism New Zealand will be executing its new Three Year Marketing Strategy, with increased subsidizes being committed over four key areas of its business: International business occasions, developing markets, high-value premium voyage and the up-scaling of particular action in core markets.

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