Buganda Kingdom Launches a New Tourism Board to Develop Tourism Industry

Buganda Heritage and Tourism Board was launched by the Katikkiro (Prime Minister) of Buganda Kingdom, Owekitiwa Charles Peter Mayiga. The board will be in charge of preserving, protecting and developing the heritage of Buganda’s culture. Buganda Kingdom has been considered as the one of the world’s richest cultural sites with various wonders including heritage sites, eco-tourism, Galleries, craft shops, bookshops, bookshops, entertainment centers and unique lifestyle.

The Buganda government has been given three roles towards the Buganda Heritage and Tourism Board. These incorporate; putting a policy on the management of all tombs within the Buganda area. This will include affirming people who take care against these tombs. Led by Dr. Gladys Nalubowa is all the cultural destinations in Buganda Kingdom incomes collected from voyagers will go to Buganda government and towards developing the Kingdom.

The board however has been tasked to create management policies on running the royal tombs of Buganda. Most attention however has been put on the Kasubi and Wamala Royal tombs because of their significance as the home of the ancestral fathers.

Buganda Heritage and Tourism Board needs to administer and develop tourism in Buganda whereby they need to find all the historical sites of Buganda protected and preserved for future. The need to establish and actualize policies of staffing and change the Buganda museum and other cultural sites apart from the royal palaces has been seen in this Buganda heritage.

Remarkably, the Prime Minister highlighted much on protecting, preserving and conserving the heritage destinations. Nevertheless, he showed concern over the increased deforestation methods that this will cause desert climate conditions in Uganda. The Katikiro however advised general public that in order to protect and preserve our cultural sites we have to protect the wildlife in the country.

He again reminded the public about Kabaka’s discourse of taking at least two trees at the introduction functions and it will help to protect our environment in future.

Some of the Unique Intangible cultural in Buganda Kingdom includes, the King and Royal lineage, a different language, music, dance and amazing dress code. These can easily be experience by taking a cultural Uganda tour at any time of the year.

Despite of amazing and unique culture in Uganda, there are also other interesting tourist attractions in the country like; the rare and endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, wildlife in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Chimpanzee in Kibale Forest National Park and other attractions in the 10 national parks and 13 wildlife reserves.

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