Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Vacation consideration

Consider Uganda Rwanda gorilla trekking for your next holiday vacation.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

We are really considering setting off to the Uganda safari this year for our vacation. It’s a nice little trip that we have never done before, and it can truly be something that is both fascinating and instructive for our children. I love our children, and they love animals, so whatever makes them me happy.

I just wish that I could truly take them right now because the time is ideal for all of us, but my husband is still on a business trip. Naturally, they’re going to want their father to go with them, however, I don’t know whether his work will let him off that easily, which was why we had to wait to see how his schedule will go with ours. It’s nice that my husband gets paid a lot to work, however it’s likewise nice to be able to be with him once in awhile!

I’m Thinking About a Trip to Africa

My oldest son Walter has decided that he shall become an archaeologist or a zoologist, and that he shall bother me until I consent to take him on a luxury gorilla safari in Rwanda – Africa. I have barely started to consider what I have to do before we begin, and I have given up on telling 8 year old boy that he doesn’t make decisions on transcontinental vacations.

I have figured out exactly what kind of paperwork we shall need to enter Uganda and I have learned that flying out of Piedmont Triad International it would be a flight of nearly 24 hours with a pair of layovers. I think that would be too much of an ordeal for us, so we are considering where we could spend several days on the trip there and back. I am thinking that we could stay a night or two in Paris on the way to Uganda, then London on the way back.

Is World’s largest active volcano a threat to the local and tourists?

mauna-loa-volcanoThe world’s biggest active volcano Mauna Loa in Hawaii is showing signs of life with more seismic activities than whenever since its last eruption, researchers say. Scientists are foreseeing another blast anytime soon.

The volcano which last erupted in 1984 has been rattled by series of tremors since March 2013. “The quakes we are seeing at Mauna Loa lead us to accept that some of the same things that happened before the 1975 and 1984 eruptions are occurring right now,” said Wes Thelen, a seismologist for the U.S. Geographical Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. “We don’t see this sort of activity outside of pre-eruptive earthquake sequences,” he said.

Mauna Loa is a prevalent destination for climbers regardless of being an active volcano. But will the late behaviour pose a danger for voyagers? Individuals living on [mauna Loa’s] flanks face numerous harzards that come with living on or close to an active volcano, including lava flows, explosive eruptions, volcanic smog, damaging earthquakes, and local tsunami. Its increasing population and development imply that risk from volcano hazards will continue to grow.

“We’re not shutting down the summit or doing anything drastic,” Thelen said. “This is of interest on the grounds that it may be the very first sign that something’s up deep underneath the volcano, however we’ll wait until either the quakes get bigger or we see more inflation in the volcano to raise the color code.”

Belize Tourism Industry Association 29th Bi-Annual General Meeting invited Green Globe CEO as guest speaker

Green Globe CEO Mr. Guido Bauer has been welcome to address the 29th Bi-Annual General Meeting of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) on the ninth of July 2014 at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza.

Green Globe CEO Mr. Guido Bauer will present insights into how certification profits tourism operators in Belize. Using working example, Mr. Bauer will examine how Green Globe has helped a variety of business in Belize to organize their great effort in ecological conservation, and care for local communities and people, into practical sustainability management plans. This procedure had led not only to international recognition through Certification by Green Globe, yet has had an immediate effect in bringing more business and greater customer satisfaction.

Guido Bauer is a veteran of the travel and tourism industry and customarily gives tourist lectures on sustainability and its positive effects on business. His most recent speaking engagements have included universities, for example, UCLA, Stanford University, Long Beach State, San Diego State University and University of Utah. Upon invitation, Guido has additionally presented Green Globe’s achievement to the Expert Group Meeting on Enhancing Sustainable Tourism at the United Nations in New York. Other speaking engagements incorporated the World Ecotourism Summit in Cebu/Philippines, ESTC 2014 in Bonito/Brazil and numerous other international events.

Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Budget flying – 15 cheapest airlines of the world revealed

airplaneA late study on the airline fares of different local airline revealed a list of the fifteen cheapest airlines of the world. In the event that you are flying with the least expensive airline, the Firefly Airlines of Malaysia the average price of a flight will be only $44.

The study made via uncovered some of the interesting facts about the fare wars between low price airlines. The flights are kept short and the prices are made sweeter to draw in more voyagers.

The Firefly, a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, fly to local routes in Malaysia and in addition to Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.
Mexico’s VivaAerobus with average flight rates beginning from $69 holds the second place though the AirAsia ranks third on the world with average flight cost of $72.
The list of international airlines ranked budget carrier based on averages from more than 3,220,000 flight prices found on the flight comparison site from June 2014 and later.

Les Clefs d’Or India and Locus Media tie up to make Indian travel experience really extraordinary!

india-touristInternational and local voyagers to different Indian cities will soon get handpicked information about what everything they can do during their India tour. The Indian chapter of Les Clefs d’Or, one of the biggest association of concierges across 45 nations and Locus Media, India’s heading in-destination promoting company have entered into a strategic tie-up to improve the city experience of tourists visiting India.

As part of the strategic alliance, city information that is relevant for sightseers – what to see, things to do, places to dine and shop – will be curated, designed and developed crosswise over various formats. On offer are wonderfully designed maps and guides, a mobile application and a luxury magazine. Mr. Edwin Saldhana, President Les Clef’s d’Or India says, “Les Clefs d’Or Concierges play an important part in catering to visitor necessities at luxury hotel in India.

We are blissful to be collaborating with the best in the business to launch these new activities which will take the visitor experience to the next level. “Karan Sethi, Co-founder and Director of Locus Media include, “Locus is committed on giving the best information and carefully curated experience to tourists visiting Indian cities. In Les Clefs d’Or India we discovered a team that has the same passion and we’re eager to luxury a luxury magazine, a mobile application and city maps with them in various regions!” All three will be available to guests staying at star hotels crosswise over the major Indian cities. This is the first such initiative of its kind in the nation and it’s expected to make the travel and tourism experience of domestic and international travelers truly incredible!

German Luxury hotel brand selects eRevMax for increasing online sales

The Spa & Golf Resort Weimarer Land, a luxury hotel brand in Germany, has chosen eRevMax to streamline its online distribution. The Weimar based property, a licensee of Lindner Hotels & Resorts is using CONNECT by eRevMax to guarantee real time connectivity between the property and online travel operators, meta- search agencies, travel agents and corporate customers. The result empowers the hotel to make immediate Availability, Rates and Inventory (ARI) updates to numerous online channels, while in the meantime, all reservations generated through these channels get involved into their PMS automatically.

Opened a year ago, the 4 star luxuries Spa & Golf Resort Weimarer Land offers 94 rooms and 36-hole golf course. The extreme competition in the European hospitality sector has made it important for accommodation providers to optimize all demand sources. The revenue management team at the Spa & Golf Resort required focusing more on revenue strategy rather than mere room and rate distribution which was taking up a lot of time and resources.

CONNECT, a SaaS based enterprise connectivity solution from eRevMax gives fully coordinated, two-way XML connections to the world’s heading online booking websites, helping properties of all sizes to boost their online exposure through a network of online distribution channels. Spa & Golf Resort Weimarer Land can influence seamless connectivity to boost its revenue opportunity and cut the distribution costs by quickly and effectively expanding their market reach.

“eRevMax solutions provide instant control over yield management, permitting our properties to handle more product types while automating the distribution process. We were able to identify the best producing websites, while also enhancing our overall online booking,” said Mark A. Kühnelt, General Manager, Spa & Golf Resort
“Connect by eRevMax helps the team at Spa & Golf Resort to expand online revenue by guaranteeing real-time room availability over all distribution points through automatic adjustment from pooled stock. Presently selling on more than 5 channels, they can likewise use eRevMax’s superior connectivity with about 100 international and regional distributors including OTAs, Tour Operators and Wholesalers to reach out to new markets,” said John Seaton, VP- Sales, EMEA & APAC, eRevMax.

eRevMax is developing its connectivity solutions to offer complex real-time revenue management functionality to the hospitality industry. This incorporates solutions for the independent market, the mid-market and scaling up through the large, international hotel groups.

Rwanda Primate Safaris Vs. Rwanda wildlife safaris

If you are planning for your visit to Rwanda it is better to experience the primate safari compared to wildlife as Rwanda has one small Akagera National Park and it is the only park where you can experience wildlife safaris in Rwanda. I and my boyfriend we planned to visit Rwanda and our major interest was much on taking wildlife safari such that we spot most of the African big 5, but from the research Akagera could not offer all these and we decided to have Rwanda primate safari and then planned to have wildlife safari in Uganda.

For us to have this experience much interesting we planned our travel with Gorilla Expeditions Ltd, very reliable travel agency with their travel experts they helped us to arrange 14 days Uganda and Rwanda gorilla safari, we enjoyed our 2 times double Gorilla trekking and had amazing experiences with two different endangered mountain Gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park with our 3 night stay at the Virunga Safari Lodge which offer stunning view of the interesting 2 twin lakes (Burera and Ruhondo).

Then on our last day we left the volcanoes we took the unforgettable golden monkey tracking and thereafter we had to travel via Cyanika border to Uganda the pearl of Africa and we had our stay at the shores of Lake Mutanda, Mutanda Lake Resort and the following day we had relaxing day at the lodge and then in the evening we took an amazing canoeing along the volcanic Lake Mutanda.

As we were interested in adventurous activities we embark the interesting full day Batwa trail in Mgahinga Gorilla Park and each of us paid $ 85 dollars including the park fees for Mgahinga Gorilla Park. With the Batwa leaders we participated in the life style of the Batwa and we visit the Garama cave and by the time we finished this trail we were so tired and by the time we arrived back to Mutanda Lake Resort refreshment were prepared for us and later we had our African cuisine dinner!

After, being filled with all this unforgettable experience we crossed to Queen Elizabeth National Park via the famous Ishasha southern sector very known for the African tree climbing lions in the branches of the fig trees and other wildlife like the elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, topi, oribi among others and then we retired to African Safari Bush Lodge.

From this National Park we had several game drives and very many wildlife species were spotted, after we took the boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel which connects the Ramsar Lake George to Lake Edward and over this cruise we spotted variety of wildlife and birdlife species along the shores of the Channel. Our guide, Alex was knowledgeable about almost everything and was always considerate and helpful and we could not even want to depart at the end of our safari when Alex dropped us at the Entebbe international airport.

The Top 10 curfew-free Tourist Destinations in Thailand

The Thailand Tourism Authority announced that a total of 10 main tourist destinations are now curfew-free. These destinations are:
1: Phuket
2: Ko Samui
3: Pattaya City
4: Hua Hin
5: Cha-am
6: Krabi
7: Phang-nga
8: Hat Yai
9: Ko Chang
10: Ko Phangan (including Ko Tao)

This took after the last night announcement by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to lift curfew in Hat Yai, Ko Chang and Ko Phangan Districts with immediate impact. Two days preceding that, the council lifted curfew in Hua Hin, Cha-am, Krabi and Phang-nga, and prior a week ago (on 3 June, 2014) it repudiated the nighttime restriction for Phuket, Ko Samui and Pattaya.

These 10 travel destinations are among the most-loved and visited tourists regions in Thailand, in this way the curfew demonstrates the NCPO’s dedication to push tourism, which it identified as one of the kingdom’s key economic drivers.

The TAT needs to guarantee all travelers visiting Thailand that tourism remains unaffected since the nation was put under the adminstration of the NCPO on 22 May 2014.
All airports throughout Thailand, including at key international gateways – Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang), Phuket, Ko Samui, Hat Yai and Chiang Mai – as well as modes of transport (road, rail and waterway) are working as per normal. Airlines likewise keep on operating incoming and outgoing flights as per normal.

All tourism-related businesses and services (hotel, resorts, spas, restaurants, entertainment venues, cinemas, convention centers, shopping malls, superstores, convenient stores, as well as banks, petrol and gas stations) all through Thailand are open and working as usual. Phone and internet services keep on being accessible 24 hours.

In Bangkok and other traveler destinations, life proceeds as normal and all tourism-related business and services are working as per normal. Voyagers can keep on enjoying the many fine-dining and nightlife, provided that they observe the curfew time from midnight to 4 a.m.

For visa application and procedure, travelers can keep on applying for visa as usual at Royal Thai Embassy and Consulates internationally. For visa-on-arrival, all international checkpoints – airports, border checkpoints and sea ports – are open and operating as per normal.